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Lifehacker has a great top ten

Be sure to check out this great top ten list by Lifehacker. It is various new uses for ordinary office supplies. Even if you already use ordinary office supplies in unusual ways you may find something else useful here. My personal favorite is:

5. Turn a letter tray into a network rack.

letter_rack.jpgEven if you’ve got a simple DSL connection at home, you likely have a high-speed modem, a router, and a power strip taking up space—not to mention external drives, CD/DVD-Rs, and other gadgetry. Buy some cheap, stacking letter trays, and you’ve got the makings of a DIY network rack, kind of like what IT guys use to keep their hard-working devices, and their multiple cables, together. If you’ve only got one or two networked devices, consider using the extra space for cell phones or other recharge-needing gadgets.

You can read the full article at:


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