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McCain v. Obama: Part 1: Introduction

McCain v. Obama


I am begining a series of articles in which I will do a side-by-side comparison of the McCain and Obama’s stands on the five issues that I feel are going to be the most important to voters during this election. The issue on which each person will be evaluated are: the economy, energy, healthcare, the war in Iraq, social issues in general. Each article will describe the position of each candidate and then a scorecard where I rate each candidate. The scores will range from 0-5 depending on how I feel about each candidates stance. There will be a running total and at the end I will pick a winner, and this is the person that I am going to endorse and cast my vote for. However, this is subject to change if there is a significant change in the position of one or both of the candidates.

If you have any topics that I failed to mention that you would like to see discussed please let me know.

Part 2 of this series will be posted later on today.


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